Yamaha ténéré 700 rally kit

Plug and play options

Bolts right on the original fixing points. No other modifications required.

Comes with an extra bracket to mount the original dashboard on the handlebar.
At the back there is a specific mounting point for the original temperature sensor.

A flat plate is installed where it’s possible to mount GPS, Carpe Iter, roadbook,..
The top plate is adjustable in height to make sure you have the right angle for your riding style.  

There is a possibility to add USB plugs. 

WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-14-at-11.49.08-1 (1)
WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-14-at-11.49.10 (1)


Each kit will be powdercoated black. It’s a strong kind of paint which will withstand the hard cirumstances. 

The LED lights are protected with a new screen that is made of polycarbonate. Highly flexible and incredibly strong.

The top windschield remains the original. 


We’ve designed this rally kit with 2 LED lights.

Low beam : 2x25W & High beam : 2x25W 

The lights are all pre-made and pre-mounted so you will only have to plug it in. 

WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-14-at-11.49.11-1 (1)
WhatsApp-Image-2021-08-14-at-11.49.06-1 (1)


Because of our own in-house designing and manufactering there is no need to pay other companies for work. Because of that we can keep the kit affordable.

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