Universal rally kit

For every bike possible

We can build this rally kit with a fork mounting system for each bike. For some bikes we also have frame clamps. In both cases there is no need to drill, weld or grind anything. We provide plug and play kits. 


Navigation is key

Our rally kits are designed with the main focus on navigation. 

You can choose between a 16mm bar or a plate with pre-drilled holes for navigation devices. Both of them are fully adaptable and it’s possible to change height/angle.

Everything is possible. Cellphone, GPS unit, Roadbook, Tripy, Carpte Iter,..

Also there are pre-drilled holes with the right measurements for mounting RAM-Mount plates.

Endless possibilities

Each kit is ready made for 12V and/or USB sockets.

In combination with our switchboxes there are even more options. You can choose between extra switches and or make combinations with it.

For some models we even provide extra mounting plates to be able to keep the original speedometer. This is optional.


Different lay-outs

There are 3 different screens that you can choose from.

Unbreakable – made from polycarbonate – highly recommended for offroad use
Maxi screen – PMMA – More suitable for touring
Mini screen – PMMA – suitable for both

When using offroad we strongly advice to use the unbreakable screen. This is made from polycarbonate. It’s highly flexible and very hard to break. 

Each kit standard comes in blank aluminium. We powder coat black as an option.


Depending on what you want to install on your kit, you have 5 options to choose from. 

These are ready made extensions for installing switches and/or usb/12V plugs. 

On the product page you will be able to see the options again, no need to remember this 🙂 

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