KTM 790/890
Rally kit

Plug and play options

Bolts right on the original fixing points. No other modifications required.

Comes with mounts for the original parts. Speedometer/dashboard, blinkers, 12V,..

There is a possibility to add up to 3 more USB plugs for charging all your devices.

A 12mm bar is installed to mount your GPS, roadbook or other navigation units.



Each kit will be powdercoated black. It’s a strong kind of paint which will withstand the hard cirumstances. 

The screen is made from polycarbonate. Highly flexible and incredibly strong.

You can choose between a transparant or a white screen. 

We install the sticker kit on each screen. If you don’t want them, please let us know and we’ll make it without. 


We’ve designed this rally kit to work with the original lights.

The OEM lights are bright, well made and look good. There is no need to invent the wheel again when it’s already there. 

Because of this we can keep the price down.

This also means, no worrying about having to adapt cables or whatsoever. It’s all pre-made and pre-mounted. 



Because of our own in-house designing and manufactering there is no need to pay other companies for work. Because of that we can keep the kit affordable, unlike a lot of other companies.

It’s priced at only 459

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