husqvarna 701 & KTM 690 rally kit

Fits all years 701 ( 2008 - ... ) And KTM 690 all years

With our own designed frame clamp there is no need to drill or weld. Plug and play.

On the kit there are mounting points pre-drilled for the original dashboard and warning lights,  original turn signals,.. These fit right in without modifications.
We will send you an email after your order to ask which dashboard you have to make the correct top plate. 



On the top there is a 12MM bar which allows you to install all the equipment and navigation you like. It’s possible to add GPS, Carpe Iter, Roadbook and tripmeter, tripy,… 

On each side we pre-drilled a hole for adding 12V USB plugs.

Each kit will be powdercoated black. It’s a strong kind of paint which will withstand the hard cirumstances. 


We have 2 different sets of LED lights.

1 : Offroad LED lights : 3000 lumen each

2 : ECE certified LED lights : 3000 lumen

We recommend the offroad lights for everyone who does not have a motorcycle inspection in their country. They are the brightest.

The lights are all pre-made and pre-mounted so you will only have to plug it in.



The screen is made from LEXAN ( Polycarbonate ) which is very flexible and incredebly strong. 

Because of this screen you’ll be able to ride on high speeds without having the wind blow all over you.

It’s made out of two seperate pieces. Above the LED lights you can easily remove it
to make it easier to clean or work on.

"Rally Kit for the Husqvarna 701 adds rally raid looks and functionality for less."

ADV Pulse

" It offers additional versatility and long-distance capabilities for your burly ADV machine"

Ride Apart Magazine
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